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Students Return To Escondido High Schools

Exterior of Escondido High School. August 10, 2021.
Tania Thorne
Exterior of Escondido High School. August 10, 2021.

Escondido Union High Schools welcomed students back to class Tuesday morning.

Jazlin Mendez is a senior at Escondido High School.

Students Return To Escondido High Schools
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“I’m hoping that we can all just go back to sports, and school, and having a normal teenage life for my last year here,” she said.


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Mendez has played volleyball since her freshman year and is eager to play again.

“I’m super excited and I’m just so ready to get back to everything,” she said.

Gabriela Pastor, a junior at Escondido High School, said COVID doesn't make her as nervous anymore because she got vaccinated.

“To be honest, COVID is kinda scary but not as much,” she said. “But I'm very excited to see my friends and hang out with them. But I don’t want to hang out with them so much because I don't want to get COVID.”


The Escondido Union High School District sent out a “return to campus guide.

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It goes over health and safety protocols, COVID screenings and exposure, and supportive services for students.

Escondido Union High Schools will follow the county’s guidelines if any COVID exposures come up.

Cesar Perez walked his daughter to Escondido High school on the first day.

“I feel happy that she is back because I feel that with online classes she didn’t learn as much,” he said.

He hopes students will take the proper precautions and wear their face masks.

“I think the school will take the proper precautions and I feel confident that they will know how to handle this situation,” said Perez.

VIDEO: Students Return To Escondido High Schools

The school district said the majority of the students opted for in person classes.

This is the first year in a long tine that elementary schools in Escondido aren't starting in conjunction with the high schools.

Escondido elementary schools begin classes August 24th.

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