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Valley Center-Pauma Schools ramp up visitor security

Valley Center-Pauma Unified schools are ramping up security with new technology.

The Raptor Security System scans a visitor's ID and prints out a badge. That badge will need to be worn by the visitor at all times while on campus.

"We’re a large high school so it helps keep us organized of all the visitors we have on campus," said Aaron Little, principal of Valley Center High School. "But it also takes visitors and runs them through our Megan's Law database to ensure that we're keeping our kids as safe as humanly possible at all times."


Little said the new system is an extra layer of security for the school.

"Anything that we can do to keep our kids safe, whether it be one of these systems or cameras or fences," Little said. "All those things are just a park of the puzzle.”

Another part of the puzzle is law enforcement. Systems like these can make their job easier if something is to occur.

“It does help account for who's on campus should something occur and it will help with the evacuation process and accounting for anyone we would need to locate," said Lieutenant Jim Emig, the station commander at the Valley Center Sheriff's substation.

He says the security system has been installed at all of the Valley Center-Pauma Unified schools.


The San Pasqual Economic Development Corporation (SPEDC) funded the $14,600 program.

“It's expanding our commitment for safety and making sure that our community, our schools, our children, are looked out for," said Hellyaachwehay Quisquis, the president of SPEDC.

He says the group will find ways to help keep the community safe as technology advances.

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