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Coastal Beach Sand Projects Blocked

The Army Corps of Engineers released its list of studies and projects that would be funded with federal stimulus money. KPBS Environment Reporter Ed Joyce tells us that sand replacement projects in San Diego County won't be funded.

The federal stimulus money is intended to create jobs and spur the economy.

But Steve Aceti with the California Coastal Coalition says the Office of Management and Budget put the stop on federal stimulus money for sand replacement projects in California and all coastal states.


He says the OMB told the Army Corps of Engineers to complete a backlog of east coast restoration projects first before new projects would be approved.

Aceti says a project in Imperial Beach is "shovel ready."

He says beaches bring thousands of tourists which creates jobs and helps the local economy.

"A bigger problem could be that if we don't get federal assistance then the state might start saying 'well why do we need a state program if it's not leveraging any federal investment,'"' Aceti said.

Aceti says stimulus money to pay for maintenance dredging and jetty repair of the San Diego River channel was approved.


Ed Joyce, KPBS News.