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California Performing Well As State Fuels A Green Economy

Brookhave National Laboratory

The investments in the clean economy is softening California's carbon footprint, according to the Green Innovation Index released on Tuesday. The study measured how the state is doing when it comes to boosting jobs, investing in innovations and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

California Performing Well As State Fuels A Green Economy
A new report finds California continues to grow jobs as resources are funneled into the developing green economy.

The report was put together by Next 10, a non partisan group that studies the economy, the environment and quality of life.

Founder Noel Perry said the report helps measure the transition to an economy that uses fewer resources.


The study finds California is one of the nation's least carbon intensive economies. The report looked at how a state's total greenhouse gas emissions and economic activity compare, based on a state's population, and California is meeting short term and long term clean economy goals.

"This is really about innovation across the state and the core clean economy and California is absolutely one of the leaders in the world in terms of this type of innovation," said Perry.

The state also installed a record number of solar panels last year, and solar related patents tripled during the past two years.

Renewable electricity generation and energy productivity also increased.

Venture Capital funding of green technology hit $2.6 billion last year; $340 million in venture capital was invested in San Diego firms.