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San Diego Eagle Scout Applaudes Review Of Boy Scouts' Gay Ban

Long Time Eagle Scout Daniel Brogan
Long Time Eagle Scout Daniel Brogan
Boy Scouts

Hundreds of Eagle Scouts have turned in their badges and certificates. Some were returned in anger. Some returned with regret. That national movement was designed to put pressure on the Boy Scouts organization to stop keeping gays out of scouting.

San Diego Eagle Scout Applaudes Review Of Boy Scouts' Gay Ban
A long term Eagle Scout in San Diego County is optimistic the Boy Scouts are on their way to changing their restrictive membership policy.

This week national Boy Scout leaders put off making a decision on new membership rules that would allow gay scouts.

Eagle Scout is the organization's highest rank and fewer than 1 in 100 make it to that level.


Longterm Eagle Scout Daniel Brogan returned his badges, certificates and sashes with the hope he will get them back some day. He welcomed the attention the Eagle Scout protest generated.

"The number of people who have stepped up in this is really really gratifying. But I think also, the corporate sponsorship of Boy Scouts played a tremendous role," said Brogan.

The Boy Scouts can not survive without corporate support, he said.

He is glad the organization is considering the impact of its policies and he is hopeful the ban against gays will eventually be lifted.