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Former Navy Corpsman Gets Wish Of A Lifetime In San Diego

Former Navy Corpsman Gets Wish Of A Lifetime

A former corpsman who served aboard the USS Midway got the wish of a lifetime on Tuesday.

Robert Mountz, 85, visited the aircraft carrier 60 years after serving on it. Mountz served two tours of duty on the Midway as a hospital corpsman.

The Indiana resident was able to revisit his time on the carrier with the help of his daughter, Laura Miller. Miller enlisted the help of Wish of a Lifetime, an organization dedicated to helping seniors fulfill their lifelong dreams.

"I had no idea all this was going to happen until this morning," Mountz said. "I thought I died and went to heaven."

Miller said she wanted to make the wish come true after finding out her father had cancer.

"We found out he had stage four lung cancer and it's spreading so his time is limited," Miller said. "It’s terminal. So we looked at his bucket list and this was one of the top things he wanted to do."

The family took pictures and got a personal tour of the ship.

The USS Midway was the Navy's longest serving aircraft carrier of the 20th Century. It opened as a floating museum and memorial in San Diego 11 years ago.

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