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Senator Boxer Comes To San Diego To See How Stimulus Money Is Spent

Senator Barbara Boxer was at UCSD today to draw attention to money from the federal stimulus package that has gone to fund medical research.

Congress and the president approved $787 billion in February to stimulate the sluggish American economy. UCSD Chancellor Marye Anne Fox said $91 million of that money has come to the San Diego campus of the University of California. Senator Boxer toured a lab at the Moores Cancer Center to see how some of the research grants are being spent. Boxer said the U.S. government has forged a valuable partnership with UCSD.

"The partnership is not only critical to creating life-saving drugs and treatments, it is critical to our economy," she said. "It is critical to the continued growth of California's biotech industry. It is critical to creating jobs."


Much of the stimulus money has come to UCSD through grants from the National Institutes of Health.