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'Castle Of Care' Opens In Oceanside

'Castle Of Care' Opens In Oceanside
A medieval-looking building in Oceanside is actually a new urgent care and medical center for children.

The new “Castle Of Care” building on Vista Way in Oceanside looks like a medieval palace inside and out. But, it’s actually an urgent care and comprehensive medical care facility built exclusively for children.

Ruth Kyrstopolski works at Sanford Children’s Hospital in South Dakota, which partnered with Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego to build the 6,000 square foot pediatric center.

“The belief is that the environment that children receive services in, greatly affects their outcome. And if they’re in an environment where they’re happy and less stressed, then medical outcomes are better,” said Kyrstopolski.


It’s estimated 110,000 children live within ten miles of the pediatric center.

Doctor Donald Miller, is a pediatrician at Castle of Care. He said the new facility will give North County families access to excellent pediatric urgent care and medical treatment minus the 30-mile drive into San Diego.

“It really provides a tremendous benefit. And, it shows that we care enough about what’s going on here to pull together these resources and bring them to you in a child friendly manner.”

Castle Of Care will begin seeing patients on April 4, 2011.