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San Diego Students Tested For Lead In Blood

Two of 110 children tested today at a school in Grant Hill had high levels of lead in their blood, the San Diego Housing Commission reported.

The testing at the King Chavez Academy was part of the commission's "Home Safe Home'' program, funded by a $4.1 million grant from the federal Housing and Urban Development Department.

"Prolonged exposure to lead, especially among children, can have serious health consequences,'' said Rick Gentry, the president and CEO of the commission. "We are grateful to HUD for the grant money that will protect hundreds of families from this silent danger, which you can't see, taste or smell.''


Officials with the La Maestra Community Health Center used non-invasive blood analyzers to test for lead.

The families of the two children were referred to medical evaluation, and they will receive a free inspection of their residences. If lead-based paint is found, a removal project will be scheduled.

Lead-based paint is mainly found in older houses and can be especially dangerous to young children.