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Bill Would Require a Doctor's Note For Parents Who Opt Out of Child Immunizations

Parents who don't want their kids immunized can currently sign a statement that said immunization is against their beliefs. Democratic state Assemblyman Richard Pan's bill would require a signed form from a doctor that said the benefits and risks of immunization have been discussed. Dr. Pan is a pediatrician.

"Having that counseling I think is a very important step, especially given that the consequence of the decision isn't just about their own child, it's about the school, it's about their classmates it's about the larger community," said Pan.

Santa Monica pediatrician Dr. Jay Gordon said it should be up to parents -and he's concerned about physician liability.


"Nobody's mind is going to be changed with a five or ten or fifteen minute discussion," said Gordon, "and I believe the majority of pediatricians would not sign this letter."

The measure will have its first committee hearing in mid-April.