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Officials: Covered California Enrollees Receiving Lifesaving Hospital Care

Officials: Covered California Enrollees Receiving Lifesaving Hospital Care
A new report from Covered California underscores the benefits of having health insurance.

It pays to buy health insurance.

That's the underlying theme of a new report from Covered California, which features data from 111 hospitals statewide, including 12 in San Diego County.


The report shows from Jan. 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015, California enrollees received 10,928 cancer treatments, delivered 4,807 babies and were treated for 3,616 cases of trauma.

Peter Lee, the executive director of Covered California, said being uninsured is risky, especially when surgery for a broken limb can cost $35,000.

“That’s what people are gambling with, of having that unforeseen trauma, and walking out of the hospital with a debt that could be in the tens of thousands of dollars," Lee said.

Enrollees are getting a lot more than hospital care, Lee said.

“Covered California enrollees are getting regular medical service, preventive visits, are finding it easy to find care in their neighborhood, in their community for their regular doctor," he said.


The report was released less than two weeks before the end of this year's open enrollment period. Officials estimated many Californians who are eligible for subsidies are still uninsured.

The last day to sign up for a Covered California health plan is Jan. 31.