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Kandahar Governor Survives Car Bomb Attack


In Afghanistan today, the Associated Press reports that a suicide car bomb exploded near a convoy carrying the governor of the Southern Kandahar Province. The governor was not harmed, but officials said three civilians were killed in the attack and 13 others were injured. In other fighting in the region, the AP reported that coalition and Afghan forced killed four suspected Taliban fighters and captured five others.

Increased violence in Southern Afghanistan has prompted the new NATO commander there to plan to double the number of troops in the region when NATO takes over command of coalition forces next month. Lt. Gen. David Richards is quoted by the AP as saying that the number of forces has not been sufficient and that he plans on a change in tactics in the area.


Richards said that the NATO contingent will be a quote "people-focused and people-friendly force," end quote, in an attempt to quote "develop the support of the people," end quote. Doubling the number of troops will bring the number of coalition troops in Southern Afghanistan to about 6,000. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.