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General and 'Surge' Architect Discusses War

Retired four-star Gen. Jack Keane is a former vice chief of staff for the Army and an architect of the "surge" strategy in Iraq.

Gen. Keane says the U.S. mission in Iraq has changed since the invasion in 2003, when the goal was to protect the Iraqi people, enhance security and buy time for the establishment of the Iraqi security forces and political development. While these remain goals of the U.S. military, it has since been tasked with quelling an ongoing insurgency as well.

Given the events during the past four and a half years, he says it's understandable that many Americans are confused about the U.S. mission in Iraq: To provide a stable and secure Iraq that is capable of protecting its people.


Gen. Keane talks to Madeleine Brand about the progress of the Iraq war.

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