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Egg Rolls Off the Menu in Israel


They're undeniably fattening, generally bland, and sometimes soggy, but this week in Israel, they're precious. We're talking about egg rolls. Here's the story. The Israeli government is planning to cut the number of foreign cooks working in the Holy Land, especially in Asian restaurants. Officials believe Israelis should be able to do these jobs, and they're stepping up Asian cooking classes for aspiring egg rollers.

But the move has angered many Asian chefs in the country's Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and Indian restaurants. And so on Tuesday they staged a day of political protest. They stop serving egg rolls and spring rolls. Talk about a gut punch. And they're not done, later this month when phase two of the strike kicks in, Israelis who want sushi or noodles will have to make their own at home.


And in case you were wondering, the key to a great egg roll, according to culinary sources is to dry the veggies completely before filling. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.