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Christmas in San Diego

SDSU electronic billboard, near Interstate 8.
KPBS File Photo
SDSU electronic billboard, near Interstate 8.

My first reporting job out of college was in Durango, Colorado. It was an emotional time. I was leaving the place I grew up and everyone I knew to live by myself in a tiny town known for its skiing.

I am a horrible skier.

As I headed out of town to start my broadcasting career I passed SDSU and the KPBS sign soaring above Interstate 8. I told myself that I’d find my way back some day. And when I did I would be working at KPBS.


Fast forward about five years and I found myself at a public radio station in Cincinnati, Ohio. I liked my job but it was time to move on. One day there was a posting for a Metro Reporting position at KPBS. I had my application in the mail before I finished reading the job description and managed to get an interview.

I’ll never forget the night I got the call from the station. The woman on the other end thanked me for applying and then paused a little bit. Never have three seconds lasted so long. It was like being on a game show and not knowing if you’ve won! But then she offered me the job. I was so thrilled!

Within a matter of months I packed up my things, left the snowy Midwest and made it to San Diego sunshine by Christmas. I had done it. I had landed my dream job.

Almost two years in and it still feels unreal. I’m thankful every day to be working at KPBS and I hope I’m here for many years to come.