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Let’s talk about it: What questions do you have about race and equity in San Diego?

Matthew Bowler
Volunteers organize food and clothing as part of Breakfast Block, a multiracial mutual aid group in San Diego, June 3, 2021.

From the nation’s largest cities to the suburbs, people have started meaningfully discussing structural racism and police budgets.

We’ve been diving into ideas like antiracism and the ways race, class, gender and other aspects or our identity interact and shape our experiences.

The way we understand race and talk about this nation’s racist past is shaped by our perspective and backgrounds.


In order to talk across these differences, we need a shared vocabulary.

And that’s not always easy, especially as words like “critical race theory” and “woke” have been politicized.

We can’t let language shut down these conversations. It’s important that we continue to discuss and learn from each other. Sometimes it just feels like there’s no room to ask questions or make mistakes.

Which brings us to this moment. How can each of us continue to participate in these conversations? How can we find common ground to start meaningful conversations?

As KPBS’s race and equity reporter, I want to create a space for you to ask questions about what we actually mean when we’re talking about racial justice.


Or maybe there’s something happening in San Diego you want to talk about? Ask it. And we’ll try to answer it. Together.

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