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Activists say Carlsbad's new Community-Police Engagement Commission has no 'teeth'

The nationwide call for police reforms and oversight grew to a yell after the 2020 murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis Police.

In response some departments have invested in community engagement to help build trust with the people they serve.

The Carlsbad Police Department, for example, is creating a Community-Police Engagement Commission to do just that.


But, activists say the commission won't address police accountability, biases or the reforms they've been asking for and they want to see more.

"It doesn't have enough power behind it. Not enough teeth to hold law enforcement responsible or accountable," said Yusef Miller, Co-Founder of The North County Equity and Justice Coalition.

In response to questions from KPBS about how the Carlsbad Police Department is working to address police accountability and oversight a department spokesperson emailed a written statement.

“We encourage and maintain an open dialog with our community and advocacy groups so we can better understand their concerns and work together toward solutions. We understand strong relationships and transparency are essential to effective community policing,” the statement said.

Miller joined KPBS Midday Edition on Tuesday to talk about how he believes police accountability should be achieved.

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