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SDSU will relocate film school to new Chula Vista campus

sdsu campus san diego state university
Bennett Lacy
The San Diego State University campus before the 2022 spring semester begins.

San Diego State University has agreed to move its Film and TV program south.

Construction on a planned $89 million dollar campus in Chula Vista is set to begin next year.

The move marks a significant change, not only for the university but also for the city of Chula Vista, which has long sought to bring four-year universities to the South Bay.

SDSU will partner with Southwestern College to construct the new campus, which educators hope will serve as a hub for independent filmmaking in the region.

"We're going to be one of the highest-level film schools in the country, if not the world," SDSU lecturer Jeff Deverett, said.

Deverett, along with SDSU School of Theater, Television and Film director Niyi Coker, joined Midday Edition on Monday with more on the planned campus.

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