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Why do we love tacos?

Tacos are seen in an undated photo. San Diego, Calif.
Harrison Patiño
Tacos are seen in an undated photo. San Diego, Calif.

A pair of recent rankings has sparked some controversy among taco lovers at KPBS and across the nation.

The good news? Yelp has named South Bay taqueria Ed Fernandez Restaurant the top taco shop in the United States.

The strange news? A recent Clever Real Estate poll ranked San Diego as the eighth best city in the nation for tacos. Yes, eighth.


America’s finest (taco) city placed behind Austin, San Jose, San Antonio, Oklahoma City, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Houston.

And while these rankings might ruffle some feathers about which city is truly the best for tacos, we wanted to focus more on our love for the quintessential street snack in the first place.

Despite the rankings on a national list, it’s easy to see (and taste) why San Diegans love tacos so much. So why do you love tacos?

Are they an easy meal on a budget, or have you been going to the same taqueria since you were a kid?

What kinds of tacos are your favorite, and what are the restaurants that you swear by? What is it about tacos that you love the most? Is it the flavor and simplicity of a tried-and-true classic, or do you like exploring and experimenting with new riffs and fusions of different cuisines?


Your responses may be shared in an upcoming Midday Edition segment that explores our love of tacos and why San Diegans, Californians and Americans in general have such love for the taco.