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Girl Scout cookies are back in San Diego

It’s that sweet season once again! We’re not talking sports, we’re talking Samoas, Tagalongs, Thin Mints and yes, we’re talking Girl Scout cookies. KPBS Reporter Melissa Mae tells us how this cookie season is looking.

They’re back! Girl Scout cookies are now on sale in San Diego and Imperial counties. About 9,000 girl scouts in the area are participating in the cookie program this year.

“Well everybody loves the Girl Scout cookie, it’s been a fan favorite and a long-term tradition that has inspired the public to support girl scouts,” said Carol Dedrich, CEO of Girl Scouts San Diego.

Last year there was a supply shortage, but Dedrich says this year they are working closely with their baker and the other 110 Girl Scouts councils across the country, and there should be no shortage this cookie season.


“We work together in order to make it through these very challenging times like a pandemic — like a supply shortage,” Dedrich said. “I think the country is still going through some challenges, and we’re Girl Scouts so we’re going to find a way forward.”

The proceeds from the cookie program help fund other Girl Scouts programs like their camps, community projects and their S.T.E.M program.

“This is the largest entrepreneurial program in the world for girls, and they’re learning all kinds of amazing skills, such as business ethics, people skills, money management, decision making and goal setting,” Dedrich said.

This year, the San Diego council continues Operation Thin Mint, sending cookies to military personnel stationed overseas. The program has been in operation since 2002.

"Because we have a huge military presence in San Diego, we wanted to serve them as well,” Dedrich said. “Operation Thin Mint came out of an idea of, 'How do we connect the largest program that we have, with community service and supporting our military?' All of it came together and voila! We have Operation Thin Mint,” Dedrich said.


Dedrich is an Army veteran, and knows how important it is to get a care package from home.

“It’s so heartfelt and loving and supportive,” Dedrich said, “knowing that we are reaching them when they are away from their families and they can feel a taste of home.”

One Girl Scout who is extra passionate about Operation Thin Mint is 11-year-old Grace Bell. Grace has been a girl scout for seven years and her dad is a retired Navy chief.

“It means a lot,” Grace said, “He was really, really happy when he got the cookies on the ship.”

Along with a box of cookies, military personnel also receive a hand-made note from a girl scout.

“It gives them a sense that they’re cared for, like this one, ‘Thank you for your service from the Troop 3775,’” Bell said.

Grace’s dad kept and posted one of the messages he received from Operation Thin Mint during his deployment.

“My dad’s favorite one that he got said, ‘I don’t know what you do, but I hope you’re really good at it,’” she laughed.

Grace hopes to sell 3,000 boxes of cookies this year, and has a simple message of her own to send to the troops.

“Thank you for serving our country,” Grace said.

Currently, Operation Thin Mint has sent 3.8 million boxes of cookies to our military overseas and Girl Scout San Diego hopes to reach 4 million during this year’s cookie program that runs through March 12th. The Operation Thin Mint sendoff is on April 14th.