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Google Maps, Caltrans
The SR-15 runs through City Heights with an overlay of archival photos from June 7, 1982.

Watch as 9+ blocks of housing in San Diego become a freeway

State Route 15 in City Heights was one of the last freeways built in San Diego. Prior to its construction in the 1990s, the 15 existed to the north and south of the neighborhood. But to get from one side to the other, drivers had to take a detour on other freeways or cut through neighborhood streets.

City Heights residents fought for decades to stop the freeway, but Caltrans saw it as a critical missing link in the regional transportation network. The state agency ultimately agreed to cap one block of the freeway and put a park on top.

KPBS explores the history of this freeway fight in Episode 4 of its newest podcast, "Freeway Exit." Start listening from Episode 1 to learn more about the past, present and future of San Diego freeways.

Slide the bar below to see City Heights before and after the construction of the SR-15 freeway.


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