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Potential new design for Ocean Beach Pier to be revealed April 6

The final design for a newly renovated Ocean Beach pier will be unveiled at an upcoming community workshop. KPBS Reporter Melissa Mae tells us about the current state of the pier and what people can expect from the design.

The Ocean Beach Pier is still closed because of safety concerns. But community members will soon have a better idea of what its replacement will look like when the city of San Diego holds another community meeting as part of the Ocean Beach Pier Renewal Project.

Why it matters

Elif Cetin with the city of San Diego, said the city will reveal the final design concept on April 6. "We are going to have an interactive workshop to work on some of the details. We would like to see what kind of lighting fixtures the community would like to see. We have some shading opportunities we would like to get input on it."

By the numbers

Cetin said since last year about 3,400 San Diegans gave input on what the new pier should look like.


"This is a once in a lifetime project for everyone that’s involved, including the community. And our goal is to create another landmark structure for San Diego," Cetin said. "They are the users of this facility and they will embrace it better if they had a chance to provide input on the design — help us shape the design."   

Closer look

The final design includes public feedback and combines features from three initial designs:

  • The Squint Test
  • The Remora
  • The Braid Test

"Fishing was definitely one of the components we needed to include. Community would like to have the ocean experience without being in the ocean, so we are keeping the length and the original shape of the pier. We are staying true to it," Cetin said.          

Looking ahead

The public is invited to attend the Ocean Beach Pier Renewal Project's 4th Community Workshop from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday, April 6 at the Liberty Station Conference Center.