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Roundtable: Mayoral Polling; Chargers Fans Moping; Yoga Indoctrinating; BBC Traveling

Jay Paris, San Diego Chargers
Roundtable: Mayoral Polling; Chargers Fans Moping; Yoga Indoctrinating?; BBC Traveling
GUESTS:Andrew Keatts, The Daily Transcript Jay Paris, UT San Diego Matthew Hall, UT San Diego Ros Atkins, World Have Your Say

Mayoral Race Polling: A new SurveyUSA/10News poll has Bob Filner leading by seven points among likely voters. The Republican Party’s most recent poll shows a dead heat. And a new U-T San Diego/USD poll has Carl DeMaio up by 10 points.

What's going on here? For one thing, the methodology used by each polling firm is different. The U-T poll weighs party preference, which is unusual because pollsters don't generally give weight to factors where the numbers are unknown. Numbers of people in each party change over the course of a campaign.

SurveyUSA uses automatic robocalls to gather data, a method that is not preferred. But it does include cell phone users, which make it more likely to include younger voters. The bottom line is, do we really know who’s ahead?


Chargers Worrying Fans: The San Diego Chargers are 3-3 and lead their division. But in their last game with Denver, they blew a 24-point lead to lose 35-24.

After hitting the heights by playing in the AFC championship game in 2007, the team seems to be in the midst of a slow decline toward mediocrity. Fans wondering why may point their fingers toward the obvious target, Coach Norv Turner. But what about the man who hired him, General Manager A.J. Smith? And why is Turner still the coach with such an anemic record?

In other sports news with a San Diego angle, Bruce Bochy is once again in the World Series managing the San Francisco Giants, which makes us wonder about the Padres’ chances for next year.

And what, if anything, can be done to restore the reputation of cycling?

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Matt Hall, Yoga Controversy

Yoga Worrying Some Parents: Some parents in the Encinitas Union School District are exercised over a relatively new yoga program in the elementary schools. Some schools in the district have had the program for three years.

The parents told district officials that that on balance, they believe the program amounts to religious indoctrination and “a kind of prayer.” District officials say that is a stretch, as all religious overtones have been stripped from the program.

There does not seem to be much flexibility or breathing room in the parent’s position, and lawyer Dean Broyles has said he will file a lawsuit. He recently sued San Dieguito Union High School District because, he said, they were anti-Christian.

The district has asked faculty from the University of San Diego to look into the program with an eye to the parents' complaints.

So far, no indication whether the district will go to the mat for the program.

'World Have Your Say' Says It In San Diego: The BBC’s "World Have Your Say" (10 a.m. M-F on KPBS) is in the midst of its “Iconic American Jobs” tour of the United States. Friday morning the show is in a tattoo parlor in Oceanside.

In addition to finding out about American jobs and workers, staffers from the BBC are coping with the fallout from the child sexual abuse scandal involving Jimmy Saville, a longtime BBC program host.