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KPBS Midday Edition

KPBS Launches New Arts Calendar

KPBS Launches New Arts Calendar
KPBS Launches New Arts Calendar GUEST: Nina Garin, arts calendar editor, KPBS

Welcome back to midday edition on KPBS. I marks our. We have always paid close attention to the many arts and cultural events happening around town. Started today, that coverage is getting better. KPBS is launching a new calendar online at www.tran02/art. Hiding your. Welcome. It is good to see you. We worked together in the old days. Who knew? Explained in the reason why they are launching a special arts counter. A long with San Diego's beer and science community, we also have a thriving arts community. Here at KPBS we wanted to acknowledge the whole world I creating a calendar that is specifically dedicated to the arts. Okay. Walk us through the count under -- arts calendar. How can oaks navigate for events? You can navigate all sorts of ways. You can look at the new page and you will find stuff coming up that week. You can go by specific date, you can go by specific gender and you can show by near me and it will show the events happening in your neighborhood. We hope you walk and bike to them based on our previous segment. Let What is the difference? We have a great community calendar in San Diego you can find sewing classes and sport. This one is for people who know they just want to do something in the arts. We have taken all of those and put them in one place. Eight gives the community -- it gives the community a place to look for art. This calendar also links to events and media so people can get an idea of the unique things happening in San Diego. In fact we have a clip of the preview of what is happening at this art center. We have the fear of the unknown, inside, there's a fear. Yourself, theater team, feeling a wounded soldier looking up at you. What is this about? Only wars, -- ceiling -- healing wars. Is unique. It blend storytelling and multimedia and it is about soldiers and healers and how they cope with the physical and psychological wounds of war. It is choreographed by Liz Warman and she had received lots of grants and awards for her work, including the 2002 MacArthur genius Grant. It is going to be a -- an interesting piece to see. This weekend is the annual event that brings dance to San Diego's trolley long. We spoke to the trolley Corvair. Here's what he it's a. It is the biggest cultural assets that we have here in town. We are planning toward the above our park can celebration. We wanted to do what we can do to celebrate such a great family-friendly you -- place in town. That is where we wanted to focus in Balboa Park we --. There aren't any trolleys that go to Balboa Park. You have to have a creative opportunity. This uric -- year again, we're parting with the transit system, the audience will be going from a bus and also from a trolley and also a bus ride. We will be introduce sitting the rapid bus. It is like the trolley experience but it is an express bus. May be San Dag will get some trolleys there in the coming years. The performances for trolley dance they are always on the move. What are some of the things people should consider? I went last weekend with my two little girls. And I rode a little post about it for KPBS. The one thing to note is that you have to surrender yourself to the experience. It is going to be more than three hours. You are moving out around watching short dances, like in minutes. You walk a lot and ride the bus and you are to stuck at the trolley. Just be ready to go on an adventure and don't have a time constraint. Bring good walking shoes of water. You will see some innovative modern dance and it is by local choreographers. It is a great time. Okay. What are some of the other unique dance events happening this month? Did you know that today is world ballet day? I had no idea. Wow. In honor of world ballet day, it turns out that October has a lot of interesting dance events coming up. I am going to go over those. All of those you will be able to find on the calendar. You can go to dance and it will pop up with details and video. What we're most excited about, or what I am most excited about, is that New York City delay -- ballet is coming. They are going to be presenting for original pieces. One of them is choreographed by foremost San Diego and just impact. He had a documentary calming ballet for 42. One of his pieces will be here on October 30. For people who are little nervous about ballet, California ballet is going to be doing a gas be. That is going to have a live jazz band on stage. That will be fun. They have never done that before. That is happening on October 28. That if you are into out there pieces, there is a Taiwanese choreographer, he created a piece that is in sync with the robot. He dances with the robot. Okay. That is opening -- happening October 14. Finally for a more traditional classic experience, standing a go -- San Diego ballet is doing Romeo and Juliet. This weekend is also a fair, marking me by Bella Parks Tenniel. Is what organizers are saying about the fair October 3 fair October 3-4. It is the greatest on hands show. Learn by playing into a. The biggest show on tell on earth. Maybe that is a little improvement. What are we talking about? I'm not sure what is going to happen. That is the fun of it. Yes. I think so. It is the first time that a maker fair is going to be at Balboa Park. There have been maker bears all over the country. They have one of the White House. This is something that is happening. Would you like me to explain what a maker various? Yes. I have in my notes that it is spelled differently than what you might expect. It is anyone who makes something. It could be someone who makes dresses. It could be someone who bakes or create the robot. Woodworking. The one in Balboa Park is going to have coal technology. Somebody made a car that is in the shape of a cupcake. I am going to have to go to that. There is also an electric draft. There are flying robots. There are other kinds of quirky inventions that you will be able to see. Do you know if some of these are all of these are for purchase out there? No. UK maybe talk to the maker about their programs or how they did it. I don't think -- if you can buy the cupcake car that would be cool. It is new here. We haven't seen this here before. We have had smaller ones but this is going to be the biggest. It is this tour piece of the Balboa Park Centennial celebration. It is their big event. There is the cupcake and a candle right there. We didn't know what would happen with all of the money for the celebration. There's your answer. Homage does it cost? Are we going to expect a lot of people there? It cost $10 to cost $10-$15. You get about 10 participating museums as well as the happenings outside. I really -- I hope a lot of people's show up. It is supposed to be a fun thing. Is the at the same time is trolley dances. You can sneak away to the trolley dances and check out some of those. It has been popular in other places. You said there was one of the White House. Yes. I think the president was playing around and meeting all of the makers. It is something that is taking off. Some of the things you describe, they seem whimsical. There are some inventions and things that maybe people seek to Mark -- patina market. I think so. Did you see when it first was announced that the mayor was presented in this robot thing? Really? To remember? It's interesting. I am not sure exactly, but -- We will have to go find out. Maybe the robot will make a robot cell. You sound like you have a fun job. You mentioned you went to the trolley dances. You get to go to all of the events and check them out, right? Yes. Part of what you see on KPBS art comment is that sometimes I do reviews of upcoming shows. I went to the old globes in New York arms. I loved it. I was able to do a write up. Say you were thinking about going to a show, and you don't know if you want to spend the money on it, some of the shows will have reviews that we do and help you understand. Will -- there will be videos. It is always tough to write and bands of the thing. You do a critique or a review of it? Especially if it is a one or two day thing. It is. We do mostly advance. For something that has buzz or people are talking about, I do try to go out there, to let you know if it is worth the buzz. I do go out to things that will be longer than a week. Of course you have done movie reviews. You are staying with the new KPBS encounter. We will be seeing more reviews or check this out, or this might not be worth your time. A lot of critiques. Angela will still do all of the arts coverage that they do so well. This will be enhancing it. They can't get out to everything, so I am going to try to build on that. We are dedicated to the arts here at KPBS. We are trying to see as much of it as possible. We will look forward to your reports and baths -- baths. Plus about yourself and how you got interested in the art world. I'm a San Diego native. You're the one? There are a few of us here. I grew up and my mom was the photographer and I used to go to college with her. I followed local music and that is how we met because I was a local music writer. I watched this CD develop into a world-class artist and that -- arts destination. Thanks Nina.

There is an art to finding the latest art happenings in San Diego County and KPBS is getting in on the fun.

KPBS launched a new online arts calendar Thursday, which features a comprehensive listing of local arts, from the latest exhibitions, to film, music and dance. makes it easy to search for local events. Users can find things to do by name, date, venue and neighborhood.


Longtime San Diego arts journalist Nina Garin curates the site.

Garin discusses the launch of KPBS’s arts calendar and this weekend's top picks Thursday on Midday Edition.

As we celebrate the release of KPBS Arts, we want to see your San Diego arts photos. Show us one of your favorite San Diego arts moments, whether it's at the theater, an art gallery, museum or out watching your favorite local band. We invite you to post your photo on Instagram and tag @KPBSofficial.