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Goal Of New San Diego Company: Wellness Workshops At Affordable Price

In her journey to become healthier, Blake Faris quit smoking and lost nearly 100 pounds.

"I found myself reaching for comfort foods and comfort habits that were not serving me," Faris said.

Faris said she switched to a plant-based diet, incorporated yoga into her daily routine and used essential oils for their calming properties.


Her own wellness journey led to an idea for a new company in San Diego — RECHARGE Events.

"I was drawn to bringing accessible and inclusive events to the community that would provide skills and sort of new ways of taking care of yourself in an affordable way," she said.

The company is holding its launch event Sunday from 7 to 9 p.m. at The Point, which is located at 1010 Santa Clara Place in San Diego. The launch event will include a cooking demonstration, essential oil demonstration, bath bomb workshop and a candle making craft. Tickets to the event are $30. They can be purchased at

Faris and Marina Yanay-Triner, who will be leading the cooking demonstration, will join Midday Edition Thursday to discuss what they hope their company will provide to the San Diego community.

Goal Of New San Diego Company: Wellness Workshops At Affordable Price
Goal Of New San Diego Company: Wellness Workshops At Affordable Price GUESTS:Blake Faris, founder, RECHARGE Events Marina Yanay-Triner, health coach and blogger, Soul In The Raw

>> Making big changes in your diet, your health, your fitness? This is the time of year many people choose to renew and recharge. Resolutions are notoriously fragile especially when old habits are so easy to fall back into. An event this weekend is aimed at helping people make the transition to a healthier lifestyle. It has been organized by young woman who knows what that transition is like. Joining me is Blake Ferris. Blake, welcome to the program. >> Thank you for having me. >> Also joining us his marina. She is a health coach and creator of the soul in the block -- Rob log. >> Blake, the change you made has apparently led to this idea of bringing health to everyone. What was your life like before you turned it around? >> I lived a very imbalanced life for quite a while. I found myself reaching for comfort foods and comfort habits that were not serving me. I was actually a smoker for 7 years. I gained quite a bit of weight through very short period of time. I definitely found myself sort of reaching for those comforts instead of things that could actually benefit my wellness. >> One of the reasons that you are reaching for that kind of comfort is because you found your life really very challenging from an early age. >> I had a little bit of a challenging upbringing. I am really grateful for all the experiences I have had of course but I was from a very low income household with a single mother. We experienced homelessness for a short period of time. Throughout my childhood, I definitely felt a little bit in balanced which definitely resulted in feeling that way in my adult life. >> You actually lost a great deal of weight. >> I am actually close to about 100 pounds of weight loss in the last few years. By just changing the way I eat to a vegan lifestyle which is totally sustainable and delicious, I have also incorporated yoga in my daily practices and incorporated things like essential oils and other things that help me to deal with how I am feeling versus reaching for unhealthy comforts. >> Along the way of making this personal transition, on this personal journey, you identified what you call a need in the community. What is the need? >> So I really felt that I was drawn to bringing accessible and inclusive events to the community that would bring skills and new ways of taking care of yourself in affordable and accessible and inclusive ways. What I see in the community is that bringing people together to learn is one of the most powerful things we can do. It feels empowering. It feels like we have a purpose to sort of keep on this wellness journey. I wanted to do it in an accessible and affordable way. >> I am really looking to bring these workshops and wellness events including crafting her healthy eating or self-care workshops to people that may have never tried this. >> Marina, you'll be at the event on Sunday. You'll be teaching a cooking class. >> Yes. >> What will you be teaching attendees how to make? >> The key to good food is sauces. Especially with vegetables, people think we just have to have broccoli on its own. I'm going to be teaching an Asian sauce. I have taught it many times. People love it. As Blake said, it shows people they do not have to suffer when they eat healthy. I'm going to be showing that. >> It is a common belief that healthy eating cost too much and takes too long to prepare. Marina, how do you conquer those ideas? >> [ laughter ] I hear that all the time. Vegan food is the cheapest there is. Rice, beans, all these things are very, very cheap. People have been able to do it for $20 per person per week. It is so delicious. You don't even have to get used to the food with your taste buds. You can use fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds to make the most flavorful meals. That's what I do and what I specialize in. >> What kinds of things are going to be available at the recharge lunch on Sunday? >> We are really excited to bring a showcasing of all the offerings for recharge events. We will have a looseleaf tea bar. We're also going to have a DIY bath bomb bar. We'll be having two crafting booths including paper flowers. We are also going to be having a all-natural -- an all-natural candle booth. Also free vegan Benny -- many cupcakes. Lots of great stuff. >> This event is not free. There is a $30 admission. Doesn't that make it more difficult to reach the people you want to reach? >> This event is sort of a showcasing of all there is for the community. We are totally sensitive to all different price points. All of the events will be under $50. Some workshops are in the hundreds. This particular event, we have created discount codes for the community so that they can enjoy it at a discounted price. Although this one might be around $30, some events will be $10 or $20. >> Blake and Marina, thank you for coming in and speaking with us. >> Thank you. >> Thank you.