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New job center brings economic opportunity to Lincoln Park

Civitas construction site in San Diego's Mission Valley
Nicholas McVicker
The Civitas construction site in San Diego's Mission Valley is pictured in this undated photo.

A new job placement center in Lincoln Park just opened up to provide people with a pathway to middle-class careers in construction. It’s called Construction Service Workers.

The job center is within The Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation. It offers job placement and training in an area of town that’s been underrepresented in economic opportunities.

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People who visit the center can join the SoCal Pre Apprenticeship program which offers a free 16-week training course for construction trades.

Construction Service Workers also plans to expand the SoCal Pre Apprenticeship program to offer training in healthcare, information technology and solar.

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Wanda Rogers owns Construction Service Workers and joined Midday Edition on Thursday to discuss what the new center offers to the community.

“Moving to The Jacobs Center positions Construction Service Workers with an opportunity to enhance and generate middle-class careers, for unrepresented families in the Fourth District. What an exciting time for Construction Service Workers and the community,” Rogers said.

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