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Recently formed police unit takes closer look at use-of-force incidents

A San Diego police car out on patrol.
A San Diego Police Department car is pictured in this undated photo.

A recently formed police unit is reviewing incidents involving a San Diego police officer using some type of force, with an eye toward improving police training and ultimately lowering use of force incidents by police.

San Diego Union-Tribune reporter David Hernandez joined Midday Edition on Monday to talk about the details surrounding the San Diego Police Department's Force Analysis Unit.

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Though the police department has an internal affairs unit that looks into some cases of police use of force, this newer unit, which is made up of San Diego police officers, will look at all instances of use of force, rather than just select cases.

Use of force can include the use of pepper spray, a stun gun or a baton.

Hernandez said that use of force data that he and his colleagues reviewed showed that "Black communities, in particular, are disproportionally impacted when officers use force."

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