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NY Times looks at role of paid experts in exonerating police officers

Police officers walk towards a group of protesters, 2020.
Mike Damron
Police officers walk towards a group of protesters, 2020.

An investigation by the New York Times took a closer look at the growing network of paid experts, doctors and researchers, used to defend police departments whenever a person dies in police custody.

Investigative Reporter Jennifer Valentino-DeVries and her colleagues scoured over 25,000 pages of court documents and conducted over 30 interviews — to make sense of why the same experts, including a San Diego emergency doctor, Dr. Gary Vilke, were routinely sought out to provide testimony that absolved police officers of guilt.

They found, what they're calling a “cottage industry of exoneration.”


Valentino-Devries joined Midday Edition on Wednesday to discuss the findings of the investigation.

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