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Mayor Gloria on the city's efforts to redesign streets

City Councilman Todd Gloria rides a bike to show off the San Diego Bike Loop, May 27, 2014.
Claire Trageser
File photo of then-City Councilmember Todd Gloria riding a bike to show off the San Diego Bike Loop, May 27, 2014.

San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria has long made clear he thinks the city needs better and safer transportation options beyond cars. Recent efforts to increase bike lanes, however, have run into community pushback.

The mayor said he remains committed to redesigning city streets while including the community in its plans to meet its transit goals.

"We are moving forward with them, but we are attempting to do it in a way that consults with the community to make sure that there are really no surprises," Gloria said.


Gloria joined Midday Edition on Wednesday to talk more about the Balboa Park street redesign project, as well as some of the most pressing issues facing San Diego today.

"We will be with the Balboa Park community this Thursday to show them multiple options on how we can improve not just biking but also promote safety in this well-traveled corridor for cyclists, pedestrians, and motorists," he said. "That's our primary objective."

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