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New hope for climate bill in Washington

A lift boat and wind turbines off Block Island, R.I. in 2016.
Michael Dwyer / AP
A lift boat and wind turbines off Block Island, R.I. in 2016.

A surprising climate deal was announced last week in the Senate after longtime holdout Sen. Joe Manchin, D-West Virginia., announced his support of President Joe Biden's major climate and economic legislation package.

"It came as a surprise to me. I guess I always thought that the logic behind this was good, so I'm really happy with this progress," said U.S. Rep. Scott Peters, D-San Diego. "I would also caution that it's not a done deal yet. I'll sort of believe it when it gets 50 votes in the Senate. But what I see so far is very encouraging."

Peters joined Midday Edition Tuesday to talk more about what's in the Inflation Reduction Act, and how it might benefit San Diego, if it becomes law.


"It's got clean energy tax credits for solar, wind and storage that's going to help deploy a lot more energy in San Diego (and) around the country. Billions of dollars for transmission to help clean energy move from where it's generated to where it needs to go, money for ports, tax credits for carbon capture utilization and storage, and hydrogen that'll help decarbonize heavy industries," he said.