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New book delves into 'black box' of Chinese politics

Selim Chtayti
China's President Xi Jinping waves following his speech after a ceremony to inaugurate the city's new government in Hong Kong Friday, July 1, 2022, on the 25th anniversary of the city's handover from Britain to China.
Courtesy of Oxford University Press
The cover of UC San Diego Professor Susan Shirk's book "Overreach: How China derailed its peaceful rise."

Local China expert and UC San Diego Professor Susan Shirk will be discussing her new book "Overreach: How China derailed its peaceful rise" Thursday at 7:30 pm at Warwick's book store in La Jolla.

Shirk's book takes a closer look into what she calls the "black box" of Chinese politics amid growing tensions between China and the United States.


"I think it's important to dig down and try to penetrate the secrecy of Chinese internal politics and decision making so we can ascertain how threatening is it really, and are we dealing with China in the right way, or are we overreacting," Shirk said.

Shirk joined Midday Edition Thursday to talk about her book and the recent protests in China over COVID lockdowns.