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San Diego City Council OKs Water, Sewer Rate Increases

The San Diego City Council on Tuesday approved increasing water rates and a new set of sewer rates that will increase the fees for single-family homes, but decrease it for multi-family units. Plus, the latest wave of Haitian migrants heading to the United States is centered on a little town in Texas called Del Rio, but its effects could be ... Read more →

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San Diego City Council Approves Sewer, Water Rate Hikes

Sept. 21
By City News Service

The increase will hit single-family homes hardest, while multi-family homes such as condos and apartments, as well as nonresidential ratepayers will actually see a decrease of 5% and 12.1%, respectively.

Migrants, many from Haiti, wade across the Rio ...

Haitian Trip To Texas Border Often Starts In South America

Sept. 22
Julei Watson, Juan A. Lozano and Elliot Spagat / Associated Press

The route for Haitian migrants camped under a bridge in a small Texas border town goes through South America. Many flew to Brazil or Chile and, after jobs dried up, made an arduous journey to the U.S. border to wait in Mexican cities for the right time to enter the United States and claim asylum.

Over the last year and a half, almost four doze...

California's Firefighters Keep Getting Injured While Training. And Some Have Died

Sept. 22
Brian Edwards and Jacob Margolis Columbia Journalism Investigations, KPCC & LAist and The California Newsroom

Over the last year and a half, almost four dozen Cal Fire firefighters have suffered from heat illness during training, and since 2003, five have died.

Tease photo for Cinema Junkie Episode 216: Asians On ...

Cinema Junkie Episode 216: Asians On Screen, From Yellow Peril To Superhero

Sept. 22
By Beth Accomando

In part two of this month's focus on Asian representation in Hollywood, Cinema Junkie speaks with PacArts' Brian Hu about how Hollywood has moved from negative Asian stereotypes to the heroics of Bruce Lee and Shang-Chi.

Migrants, many from Haiti, are seen at an encam...

Officials: Many Migrants From Border Camp Staying In US

Sept. 22
By Associated Press

U.S. officials say many Haitian migrants camped in a small Texas border town are being released in the United States, undercutting the Biden administration’s public statements that Haitians who enter the country illegally face immediate expulsion.

An airplane landing at San Diego International ...

Loosening Of Foreign Air Travel Rules Adds Hope To San Diego Tourism Industry

Sept. 21
By Andrew Bracken, Jade Hindmon

SANDAG economist says local tourism has been "devastated" by the pandemic, but thinks more foreign air travel will help the local industry recover.

4-year-old Max Martinez getting tested at the s...

Analysis Reveals Disparities In COVID Testing Among San Diego Unified Schools

Sept. 21
By Jade Hindmon

Voice of San Diego reporter Will Huntsberry joined Midday Edition to talk about a recent analysis that revealed COVID-19 testing disparities in San Diego Unified schools.

Grilled Branzino is on the menu at Fort Oak in ...

Michelin Guide Honors 5 San Diego Restaurants

Sept. 21
By Harrison Patiño , Maureen Cavanaugh

Five popular San Diego restaurants have made their way into the new all-California Michelin restaurant guide.

People swim at the Tierrasanta Aquatic Center, ...

It’s Hot In September, But City Of San Diego Has Slashed Pool Hours

Sept. 21
By Claire Trageser

Blaming a staffing shortage, San Diego has slashed September weekend pool hours from 2019.

A poster with images of people and leaders from...

Myths And Misunderstandings Fuel Controversy Over Critical Race Theory

Sept. 20
By Jade Hindmon

Some scholars say conservative activists are misleading the public about the true meaning of critical race theory as they try to keep ethnic studies from being taught in K-12 schools.

José Luis Ruiz Arévalos videocalls his family i...

'You Always Feel That Someone’s Missing': How a Trump-Era Immigration Policy Has Kept a California Family Apart for Two Years

Sept. 20
Zaidee Stavely / EdSource

One man in the Central Valley was hoping he would feel relieved to finally be a legal resident of the U.S. He followed the rules and he went back to Mexico for the final step to apply for his green card, an interview at the U.S. consulate. His wife and kids expected him back in a week or two. But that's not what happened.

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