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Watch Live: Sondland Says He Worked With Giuliani At Trump's ‘Express Direction’

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San Diego Addressing Concerns Over SDSU Stadium Plan, California Still Small Fish In Super Tuesday Pond, San Diego Porn Site Owner Faces New Charges And More

San Diego State’s offer for the Mission Valley stadium is raising a few concerns from the Independent Budget Analyst and City Attorney’s Office. California moved its presidential primaries to March but it is still not getting the attention from candidates. Plus, the San Diego Humane Society is accused of releasing adoptable cats back to the streets. And, San Diego adult ... Read more →

The San Diego Police Department seal is seen on...

Report: Police Officers Convicted Of Criminal Offenses Still On The Job In California

Nov. 12
By Jade Hindmon, John Carroll

A new report from more than 30 news organizations finds hundreds of police officers and deputies convicted of crimes are still on the job in California, including several in San Diego.

People rally outside the Supreme Court as oral ...

DACA Protections For 660,000 Immigrants On The Line At Supreme Court

Nov. 12
By Associated Press

The Supreme Court's conservative majority seems prepared to allow the Trump administration to end a program that allows some immigrants to work legally in the United States and protects them from deportation.

In this Tuesday, Nov. 5, 2019, photo, Lizbeth p...

Union-Tribune: CBP Agents Altering Asylum Seekers' Court Documents

Nov. 8
By John Carroll, Maureen Cavanaugh

Customs and Border Protection agents are accused of altering court dates on asylum seekers' documents, keeping some migrants in Mexico indefinitely.

Tease photo for 'Heaven Or Hell 3' Explores San Diego...

'Heaven Or Hell 3' Explores San Diego In 1971

Nov. 8
By Beth Accomando

This weekend you can find San Diego International Fringe performers squaring off with new versions of their shows. Tom Steward has shaken not stirred his “One Man Bond” into “James Bond in Space” while Kata Pierce-Morgan and Kate McGrew will be offering the third installment of “Heaven or Hell” at Les Girls, Part 2 debuted this past summer at Fringe.

Andrea Tecpoyotl-Tepale, a DACA recipient, talk...

Immigrant Activism And The Legacy Of Proposition 187

Nov. 8
By Max Rivlin-Nadler

While the proposition never took effect, Proposition 187 ushered in a generation of immigrant activists that has transformed the California.

A soldier stands by a charred truck that belong...

Roundtable: Soaring Homicide Rates In Mexico

Nov. 8
By Aly Sadik, Mark Sauer

Soaring homicide rates in Mexico. How America contributes to the problem. Overlooked San Diego rape kits yield DNA matches in the federal database. Dockless scooters are an economic boom, but are they really beneficial to the environment?

Hundreds of protesters gather at Los Angeles Ci...

San Diegans Reflect On 25 Years After Prop. 187

Nov. 7
By Marissa Cabrera

Friday marks the 25th anniversary of the passage of Proposition 187. The measure would have denied medical care and public education to people living in California illegally.

Tease photo for 'Sesame Street' Celebrates 50 Years A...

'Sesame Street' Celebrates 50 Years And Counting

Nov. 7
By Jade Hindmon

San Diego resident Lloyd Morrisett, a co-founder of the Sesame Workshop, reflects on the legacy of "Sesame Street."

The Trump administration has formally notified ...

San Diego Climate Researcher Joins Thousands Of Scientists In Declaring A 'Climate Emergency'

Nov. 7
By Brooke Ruth, Mark Sauer

More than 11,000 climate scientists signed a declaration this week warning of a "climate emergency" and urging the need for new ways to measure the effects of a warming planet.

A sign on the edge of the land in Oceanside whe...

Oceanside City Council Narrowly Approves Controversial Housing Development

Nov. 7
By John Carroll, Maureen Cavanaugh

By a 3-2 vote, the Oceanside City Council on Wednesday night narrowly approved a controversial housing development on some of the city's last agricultural land.