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Could Defense Cuts Lead to a Military Draft? (Video)

Proposed Pentagon budget cuts could lead to the implementation of a new military draft, according to the chairman of the House Armed Services Committee. California's own Rep. Buck McKeon told Fox News:

The AFP reports that McKeon has calculated that the deal made to raise the debt ceiling in August will lead to $465 billion in Pentagon budget cuts over the next decade. In addition, a so-called "supercommittee" is charged with finding additional places to slash the budget. If it doesn't by November 23, McKeon says the debt ceiling agreement would trigger $1.2 trillion in cuts to the defense and other budgets by 2013. Clear as mud!

I supposed it's important to keep in mind that all branches of the military have hit or exceeded all of their recruitment and retention goals for this year, according to the Stars and Stripes.


Here's McKeon's interview on Fox News, posted on YouTube by the House Armed Services Committee Republicans: