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In this April 1, 2017 file photo, a service dog...

US Tightens Definition Of Service Animals Allowed On Planes

Dec. 2
David Koenig / Associated Press

The Transportation Department issued a final rule Wednesday covering service animals. The rule says only dogs can qualify, and they have to be specially trained to help a person with disabilities.

Stock Sales By Leaders At Coronavirus Testing Company Raise Legal Concerns

Dec. 2
Tom Dreisbach / NPR

Co-Diagnostics, a company that has provided coronavirus tests to three state governments, has come under intense scrutiny for claims about its tests' accuracy and stock sales by company leaders.

Afghan Government And Taliban Reach Breakthrough To Proceed With Peace Talks

Dec. 2
Diaa Hadid / NPR

The two sides have agreed on a way forward for substantive negotiations aimed at ending decades of almost continuous war in the country, representatives said in near-twin tweets.

Putin Tells Russia To Begin Large-Scale Vaccination For Coronavirus

Dec. 2
Lucian Kim / NPR

Vaccination will be voluntary, and will begin with health care workers and people with chronic medical conditions. Russia's Sputnik V vaccine is still in clinical trials.

U.N. Commission Removes Cannabis From Its Most Strict Drug Control List

Dec. 2
Bill Chappell / NPR

The vote follows World Health Organization guidance saying that due to cannabis' therapeutic use and other factors, it "is not consistent with the criteria" for a Schedule IV drug.

Hey, COVID-19 Long-Haulers: Take Care In Shopping For Health Insurance

Dec. 2
Julie Appleby / NPR

Anyone with lingering effects of COVID-19 should be extra careful in picking a 2021 health plan, specialists say. You now have a "pre-existing condition" that could increase medical expenses in 2021.

Jazz Standard, One Of New York's Top Clubs, Closes Due To Pandemic

Dec. 2
Anastasia Tsioulcas / NPR

It is the first major jazz club in New York City to shut its doors permanently due to the coronavirus crisis. Its owners announced the club's closing on Wednesday, after more than two decades.

Talk Of 'Preemptive' Pardons By Trump Raises Questions: What Can He Do?

Dec. 2
Brian Naylor / NPR

Presidents have awarded clemency in this way before, but it's certainly not the usual course of action. And there are unresolved questions about what might be to come.

Social Distancing Plummeted In Lead-Up To Fall Surge, Survey Finds

Dec. 2
Rob Stein / NPR

Social distancing fell dramatically between spring and fall and the gap between Democrats and Republicans widened. But both ends of the political spectrum agree on some measures to fight COVID-19.

CDC Shortens Its COVID-19 Quarantine Recommendations

Dec. 2
Colin Dwyer / NPR

In revised guidelines, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention trimmed its recommended quarantine for possible exposure — from 14 days to seven or 10, depending on test results and symptoms.

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