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US Catholic Bishops Have Heated Debate Before End-Of-Week Vote On Communion

June 17
The Associated Press / NPR

U.S. Catholic bishops clashed virtually Thursday over whether Catholic politicians who support abortion rights should continue to receive Communion.

The Couple Who Waved Guns At BLM Protesters Plead Guilty To Misdemeanors

June 17
Vanessa Romo / NPR

The wealthy duo's defense lawyer told NPR they "understand that what they did is a violation of Missouri law" but if faced with a similar situation, Mark McCloskey would do it again.

Manchin Offers A Voting Bill Compromise, But Key Republicans Swiftly Reject It

June 17
Benjamin Swasey / NPR

The West Virginia Democrat, who holds a crucial centrist position in the divided Senate, has offered a new series of voting and election provisions he said he'd support.

Biden Tells Putin To Crackdown On Ransomware. What Are The Odds He Will?

June 17
Greg Myre / NPR

The president says the U.S. will respond if it keeps getting hit with cyber attacks linked to Russia. But Putin has shown little interest in combatting cyber crimes called 'ransomware-as-a-service.'

New Wildfires Are At A 10-Year High In The Hot, Dry Western U.S.

June 17
Kirk Siegler / NPR

Federal officials warn of a long, potentially dangerous summer of fire. Since January, more than a million acres have burned from more than 28,000 wildfires.

Unpaid Caregivers Were Already Struggling. It's Only Gotten Worse During The Pandemic

June 17
Rhitu Chatterjee / NPR

A new CDC study finds that people who provide unpaid care for their children or adult loved ones are twice as likely as noncaregivers to have experienced depression or anxiety, or thoughts of suicide.

Missouri Has Declared Federal Gun Laws Invalid. Can It Do That?

June 17
Laurel Wamsley / NPR

Legal experts say the state's law is unconstitutional. But it could have a chilling effect on the state's law enforcement officers anyway.

Women Will Race In Their Own Tour De France Next Summer

June 17
Bill Chappell / NPR

Noting the Tour's status as the world's marquee cycling event, pro cyclist Anna van der Breggen says, "It's long been a dream for many of us to compete in a women's Tour de France."

This 14-Year-Old Family Breadwinner Is Part Of The Rise In Child Labor

June 17
Jason Beaubien / NPR

His father left with their savings, and the mother isn't able to work. A new report points to an increase in child labor, with millions of kids working. And COVID has likely made matters worse.

One Woman's Decades-Long Fight To Make Juneteenth A U.S. Holiday

June 17
Vanessa Romo / NPR

"We can all finally celebrate. The whole country together," says Opal Lee, 94, who has been working for years to make Juneteenth a federal holiday.

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