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McAuliffe on Clinton's Surprise Win in N.H.

Her come-from-behind victory in the New Hampshire primary has translated into a new infusion of campaign funds for Democrat Sen. Hillary Clinton. Co-host Renee Montagne speaks to Terry McAuliffe, manager of Clinton's presidential campaign.

"Since last night, we have raised about $760,000," McAuliffe said, adding that most of the money came in over the Internet.

The money adds to the more than $25 million the Clinton campaign has in the bank — money that will be needed, McAuliffe said, for a long fight for the Democratic nomination.


"This is going to be a 25-state" contest, McAuliffe said.

McAuliffe credited Clinton's performance in the New Hampshire debates with swaying voters there.

He said "ultimately the voters in New Hampshire made the decision that Hillary has the most experience to deal with all the myriad issues that are going to face the next president of the United States."

McAuliffe said he sees the race as a two-person fight between Sen. Barack Obama and Clinton, after Sen. John Edwards placed a distant third in New Hampshire.

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