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Bob Boilen's 116 Favorite Concerts Of 2013

I didn't watch any TV shows in 2013. I only saw one movie that I can remember. But I saw over 662 shows in 2013, 549 bands in 139 clubs in 21 cities. It was a perfect year.

What I get out of a great live performance that I don't get out of a pre-recorded event is a sense of risk, an adventure shared with a room full of people. Music is a living language, an exchange that happens between players on stage, fueled by fans. When I look back on my top 10 shows of the year — 10 shows I'll never forget — I remember magical moments that may not have taken place if each particular element of player, place and people hadn't come together on a given night. A great show makes you feel like you're part of something.

Below, read about my top ten concerts of the year, then find the complete list of the 662 performances I got to be a part of in 2013, listed in chronological order, with the 116 concerts I rated four stars or above in bold. (Yes, I rate every concert I attend. Every song I listen to as well.) Go to @tinydesk to find my Instagram photos from nearly every show, or press play on the video above to let a year's worth of concerts speed by in about a minute.


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