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A World Without Legal Abortion: How Activists Envision A 'Post-Roe' Nation

Oct. 27
Sarah McCammon / NPR

With the confirmation of Judge Amy Coney Barrett, anti-abortion activists hope for a world where ending an unwanted pregnancy is not an option.

Voters' Guide To Election Security In The 2020 Presidential Campaign

Oct. 27
Philip Ewing / NPR

Voters and national security officials are focused as never before on assuring the security of the election. Here's what you need to know in the final days of voting.

'Something Has To Give': Latinas Leaving Workforce At Faster Rate Than Other Groups

Oct. 27
Scott Horsley / NPR

Women are leaving the workforce at four times the rate of men. The shift is especially pronounced among Latina women, and that could have lasting effects for the broader economy.

At Race's End, Trump's Rallies Recall Other Late Lunges In White House History

Oct. 27
Ron Elving / NPR

What do you do when Election Day is a week away, you're down in the polls and more than 60 million votes have already been cast? If you're President Trump, you hit the road.

Experts To Western States: Time To Finally Fight Wildfires With More Fire

Oct. 27
Eric Westervelt / NPR

Experts warn that Western states and the federal government need to radically increase the number and size of controlled burns to help reduce the ongoing risks of more catastrophic wildfire seasons.

If The ACA Falls, Protecting Preexisting Conditions Could Be Harder Than It Sounds

Oct. 27
Selena Simmons-Duffin / NPR

Though the Trump administration is trying to dismantle the Affordable Care Act in court, it's vowed that people with health problems will still be able to get insured. Here's why that could be tricky.

Eli Lilly Ends Antibody Trial In Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients, Other Trials Go On

Oct. 26
Vanessa Romo / NPR

The trial studied the efficacy of bamlanivimab in combination with the antiviral remdesivir on hospitalized COVID-19 patients. Researchers concluded the antibody treatment was "unlikely to help."

Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett speaks ...

Barrett Confirmed As Supreme Court Justice In Partisan Vote

Oct. 26
Lisa Mascaro / Associated Press

Amy Coney Barrett is headed to to the Supreme Court. The Senate has confirmed President Donald Trump’s nominee, with Republicans overpowering Democratic opposition a week before Election Day.

Orange County Fires: 2 Firefighters Critically Injured In Fast-Moving Blazes

Oct. 26
Vanessa Romo / NPR

Strong wind gusts are battering the region, spreading wildfires across Southern California. Officials said the wounded firefighters suffered second- and third-degree burns in the Silverado Fire.

Amy Coney Barrett Confirmed To Supreme Court, Takes Constitutional Oath

Oct. 26
Barbara Sprunt / NPR

The 48-year-old judge solidifies the court's conservative majority, filling Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's seat just about a week before Election Day.