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"I'm a Republican. Gasp!"

Jack Bauer for President! & What? & He's not running? & Dang! & Well, maybe he will be tomorrow. & After all, a lot can happen in 24 hours & hellip;

Before I reveal my political slant, I want you to know that I'm open-minded and would love to hear YOUR thoughts. & Feel free to & present & your case. & As long as you don't call me a fat, ugly cow I'll listen. & No need to insult the cows. & The end of my blog should be the beginning of a fun discussion!

My editor asked me: & ldquo;If the election were tomorrow, who would you vote for? & rdquo; & My vote today goes to Mitt Romney. & I'm really interested in Ron Paul; however, I fear my vote would be wasted. & I don't think he'll win the primary and I want to make sure we get a strong candidate who has a fighting chance against the powerful Democrat Machine.


Yeah, you heard me & hellip;I'm a Republican. Gasp!

I like that Romney has shown leadership and accomplishments in both private enterprise and public service. & He sees a problem and fixes it, while his counterpart career-politicians sit around debating or throwing money at it. & He built a hugely successful company and turned around the 2002 Olympics, which faced financial crisis before his arrival. & Our country is in need of rescue again.

A recent poll shows that concern about our economy tops the list of important issues for both Democrats and Republicans. & Romney balanced the Massachusetts budget every year as governor and has a sound understanding of economics. & America is clamoring for change and Romney appears to know how to make it happen.

I like Romney's stance on immigration, health care and education - just three of my hot buttons. & There is so much more for us to talk about, but I've been told to keep this blog short or else I'll be shot. (Editor's note: I never said I would shoot them. I said I would meet them in the back alley of KPBS.)

We have some fascinating months ahead of us. & The general election isn't tomorrow, but we San Diegans have the opportunity to submit a primary vote and send a message to the rest of the country next Tuesday. & Let your voice be heard!


If you judge a person by his & ldquo;fruits & rdquo; then Romney looks ripe for the presidency. And who do I think Romney's running-mate should be? Jack Bauer, of course.

- Trina Boice is an author and mother of four who lives in Carlsbad.