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Floyd Morrow, Taxes, and Elections

At first, I was perplexed by this. I mean, I want cheap gasoline. Then I read their reasons, and I could see their main point --that we'd never SEE this price cut, and the 'tax cut' would just equal to higher profits for oil companies. Can I have a hydrogen or electric car now, please? Pretty please?

In a surprising turn of events, ABC News took a page from the Daily Show and wrote an almost satirical article about the Democratic Presidential candidates for president. Personally, I both love and hate this ongoing election fight. But, it still angers me that ALL of this could be pointless, and Hillary Clinton could just be 'appointed' by Superdelegates, no matter what voters say. Because, in the end, that is what I predict what will happen. &

Bad, bad Democratic Party! Remember 2000? Remember George W. Bush being 'appointed' to the office of president, and your anger over that? Why on earth are you going to allow this to happen to your OWN party!? Why!? Can anyone explain to this outsider how this could be justified?


- Citizen Voices blogger Steven Garrett is a professional food blogger who lives in Chula Vista.