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Brown Realigning State And Local Responsibilities

California Governor Jerry Brown is scaling back some parts of his proposal to realign certain state and local government responsibilities.

For example, Brown initially proposed transferring responsibility for all adult parolees to county probation departments. But Todd Jerue with the Department of Finance told the Budget Conference Committee today that the administration received “quite a bit of push back” from local law enforcement authorities.

“So what we have now done is that our proposal would only realign those parolees who have currently been convicted for a non-serious, non-violent crime, regardless of their prior convictions,” Jerue said.


The state would also continue to oversee more dangerous adult and juvenile offenders rather than having them placed in county jails. Counties would handle lower-risk offenders and parolees.

The administration said its latest proposal would still lead to billions in long-term savings and reduce the inmate population by 38,000 once it’s fully implemented in four years.