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San Diego Council To Consider Final Pot Regulations

San Diego Council To Consider Final Pot Regulations
Medical marijuana has been legal in California for about 15 years. And the city of San Diego may finally be setting some regulations for pot collectives.

The council is set to vote today on two pot ordinances. The first would dictate where medical marijuana collectives can set up shop. It also sets hours of operations and requires a 1,000 foot buffer between the shop and schools, playgrounds and churches.

The second ordinance requires background checks for collective employees and prohibits smoking in public. Councilman Todd Gloria said the measure is strict but fair.

"What this ordinance is attempting to do is strike a balance between patients and their need for safe access," he said, "along with the concerns of neighborhoods that are seeing a proliferation of collectives in their community."


Gloria said the measure is better than the status quo. But he said he expects it to be a close vote at the city council meeting this afternoon.

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