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Bill to ban BPA in Baby Bottles Passes California Senate

The legislation would ban bisphenol A - or BPA - in baby bottles and so-called “sippy cups” for children three years old or younger.

Supporters of the ban claim there’s evidence the chemical disrupts hormones, particularly in children. During the floor debate, Democratic Senator Lou Correa pointed out that other governments have taken similar actions.

“Europe has moved in this direction, other states have moved in this direction, and even China has moved in this direction,” said Correa. “We cannot let California lag behind in this most important issue.”


Critics of the measure argue that BPA has not been proven harmful. Senate Republican Leader Bob Dutton called it a “feel-good, junk science bill” that takes away consumer choice. The legislation faces a final vote in the Assembly. If passed and signed by the Governor, the ban would take effect in July of 2013.