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Governor Vetoes Bill To Allow Child Care Workers to Organize

Devastated and disappointed. That’s the reaction from one California childcare provider to Governor Jerry Brown’s veto of a bill that would have let unions organize home childcare workers. Tonia McMillian is a licensed childcare provider at her home in Southern California. She claims the system of state subsidies for childcare is broken and their voices need to be heard.

“There are a lot of rules, there are a lot of regulations that come down the pipeline. We’re not sitting at the table making those rules and regulations,” said McMillian. “We do the work. Who best can speak for what we do other than us?”

In his veto message, Brown said maintaining quality childcare and decent working conditions were important goals. However he said he was quote “reluctant to embark on a program of this magnitude and cost.”


The bill was sponsored in part by the Service Employees International Union and strongly opposed by Republican lawmakers.

It was one of a dozen measures Brown acted on Tuesday.