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Redevelopment Ruling May Not Be End Of the Story

Redevelopment Ruling May Not Be End Of the Story
The State Supreme Court’s ruling suggests the end of redevelopment as we know it.

Legal experts agree there is little wiggle room for an appeal of the State Supreme Court's ruling that gives the legislature the right to eliminate redevelopment agencies.

But attorney Elizabeth Hull, who advises redevelopment agencies around Southern California, says the legislature did not necessarily intend to completely eliminate redevelopment as a funding source for local governments.

“The records from the hearings indicate many Assembly Members and Senators agreed changes needed to be made, but total elimination of redevelopment agencies probably wasn’t in the best interest, “ Hull said on KPBS' Midday Edition,

“But the way the law was written and the way the court has interpreted it, that’s what has occurred," she said." I think the California Redevelopment Association and local agencies are hoping the legislature will step in and solve this problem.”

Since the court issued its ruling this month rather than waiting till January as expected, some believe there may be time for the legislature to act before Gov. Jerry Brown introduces his proposed budget for next year.