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Port Strikes Back At U-T San Diego Proposal

Port Strikes Back At U-T San Diego Proposal
The Port of San Diego is not wasting any time in defending itself against San Diego’s largest newspaper. The Port is touting the benefits of its 10th Avenue Marine terminal after the paper questioned its usefulness.

Port staff presented the Port Commissioners with a report Tuesday outlining the jobs, money and cargo that are tied up with the 10th Avenue Marine Terminal.

Recently the U-T San Diego published an editorial in favor of building a stadium and Convention Center expansion on the land where the terminal sits.

The paper has also published several articles questioning the vitality of the terminal.

But the Port is striking back, touting the economic impact of 10th Avenue and the National City Marine Terminal. Port staff stressed their presentation wasn’t about a new stadium. But it’s clear the proposal was on everyone’s mind. Joel Valenzuela is the Port’s Director of Maritime Operations.

“An independent study by the San Diego Institute of Policy Research in 2008 estimated that the annual economic impact of the two cargo terminals is equivalent to hosting four-and-a-half Super Bowls, 12 U.S. golf open championships, or 60 Holiday Bowl games,” he said.

Former Port Commissioners, union members and others also spoke in support of the 10th Avenue terminal. So far there is no formal proposal for the U-T San Diego plan. Similar projects at 10th Avenue were rejected in 2004 and 2008.