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Pet Advocates Submit Signatures Protesting Governor's Proposal

Pet advocates say they won’t stop fighting a proposal by Governor Jerry Brown that would end some reimbursements to local animal shelters. Brown has proposed repealing parts of the “Hayden Law” that requires animal shelters to wait longer before euthanizing pets. If Brown’s plan is approved, the state would no longer pay for the care of animals in shelters for the additional time required by the law. Christi Metropole from the Stray Cat Alliance delivered thousands of signatures protesting the proposal to the Governor’s office today.

She notes the law is currently suspended and says that could continue until the economy improves. “Obviously, we understand that there’s budget cuts and we have to make tough decisions. But at this point it’s zero cost to the state," said Metropole.

The Governor’s Department of Finance says the proposed changes would save the state more than $46 million in prior claims.