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November Ballot Might Not Include Spending Cap Iniitiative After All

Backers of a California initiative that would create a hard cap on state spending may not attempt to qualify that measure for the November ballot after all.

Jon Coupal with the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association says he and other proponents could very well wait until the November 2014 general election, or any potential special election in 2013. Coupal says there’s still a lot of support for a spending cap, the problem is the timing. “The resources are there to qualify. That’s not at issue. The question is whether or not there would be sufficient resources to run a credible campaign in the light of all the noise leading up to the November election," said Coupal.

Coupal says conservative groups will focus their efforts on defeating what could be as many as three different tax measures on the fall ballot. They’ll also be pushing an initiative that would block corporations and unions from automatically deducting money from paychecks for political purposes.


Democrats and Governor Jerry Brown have been pressuring business groups to stay neutral on the spending cap. Coupal says that had an effect as well.