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Home Post Readers React to Sgt. Gary Stein

Sgt. Gary Stein
Sgt. Gary Stein

Ever since Camp Pendleton Marine Sgt. Gary Stein alerted the media March 8th that he was under investigation by the Marine Corps for anti-Obama Facebook posts, Home Post readers have been vocal in their support of Stein.

Medinstr12 wrote:

[M]y father served in the Navy and I have a daughter in the Army. I can't support a President that doesn't believe in the constitution of the United States of America. I believe in respect and I respect this Marine in his opinion and the fact that he is risking his life so that we all may have a life. If anything President Obama needs to stand down not this Marine.

Mgenjeep agreed:

I think Sgt. Stein is a hero and a patriot. Who more so than the military has a right to their own opinions???

But some Home Post readers have been critical of Stein, especially former Marines. Captainbrutus wrote:

This person is a disgrace regardless of your view you enter the Marine Corps to serve God and Country no matter who the president or party in control is. You can never question or insult you commanding officer, commanding general, and most centainly you can never question the commander in chief...

As a former Marine who was wounded in service to my country I can not see how this person could appeal to anyone, or how his actions could be applauded.
Keep those comments coming, Home Posters!