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Brown: "Things That Are Good" Must Be Cut To Balance Calif. Budget

Andrew Nixon

California Governor Jerry Brown is proposing a state budget that includes eight billion dollars in immediate cuts – and six billion more if voters reject his tax initiative this fall. “I’ve committed to righting the ship of state and getting it into balance. What that means is that things that are good in and of themselves have got to be stopped or curtailed if we’re going to have balance," said Brown.

The governor’s updated budget proposal released today includes nearly all the cuts he called for in January – such as welfare, child care and college financial aid. It also includes additional cuts – to health care for the poor, in-home supportive services and state employee compensation.


Meanwhile, Brown proposes $5.5 billion in cuts to schools if his tax measure fails. That’s equivalent to the cost of three weeks of classes. The UC and CSU systems would also lose money.

California’s new budget deficit now stands at just under $16 billion.